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Our Proven System

At Daytime Playtime we meet children where they are regardless if they are ahead of the curve, need extra practice, or need to catch up.  We strive to provide high quality instruction, provide resources to use at home, and involve our families for maximum results. 

Ahead of the Curve

Shoot for the Moon!

Our tutors will nurture your child's love of learning by pushing your child beyond what is taught at school so they can

  • Get into the top magnet schools in the state

  • Score high on standardized tests 

  • Have extra support if they are gifted

  • Unlock their FULL potential

School Kids
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Get Extra Practice

Learn All You Can

Daytime Playtime's tutoring and classes will encourage your child to continue in learning by

  • Building a rock solid foundation in language and literacy

  • Helping them learn to figure concepts out independently

  • Instilling confidence in them

  • Transforming the way YOU learn how to help 

In the Classroom
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Catch Up

Meet Goals & Grow!

All children can learn. Some children just need to learn in a different way. Daytime Playtime provides intervention to help by

  • Identifying their specific needs

  • Providing or referring for other services such as speech therapy or occupational therapy

  • Matching children with the tutor or class that would benefit them the most 

Mother and a Child
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