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Let's Work Together!

Contact us today for a FREE phone consultation to determine if your child could benefit from our personalized literacy services. We want to partner with you to help your child!

Beginning Readers

  • Does your child struggle with learning letter names & sounds?

  • Does your child know letter names and sounds but cannot blend them to read?

  • Does your child LOVE to learn or seem advanced for his or her age? 


We can help your child on the path to becoming an early reader and help him/her build a solid foundation for reading for kindergarten and beyond!

Literacy Screenings

We do a screening during your child's first class to see how your child is currently performing with his or her pre-literacy & literacy skills and provide you with tips and strategies on how you can help your child at home.

Private 30 minute Sessions

Phonics Instruction

Phonological Awareness Instruction

Structured Lessons & Play-Based Approach

Direct instruction focusing on your child's areas to be improved 25 minutes

Parent coaching & consultation 5 minutes

Parents get to watch sessions via monitor

Customized home lessons to practice target skills at home between sessions

Small Group Classes

More information under Classes & Camps.

Beginning Readers

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