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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Daytime Playtime (DTPT) a daycare? No, we are a learning enrichment center that offers small group academic, language, and literacy classes for babies up to children in the 2nd grade. 

How does your program work? Students can join at any time. All of our weekly classes run September-May. Our Beginning Readers, Handwriting, & K Skills classes operate on an 8 week cycle. The first 5 lessons of the cycle are focused on new learning and practice. The 6th week of the cycle is parent observation week. The 7th week is testing week, and the 8th week is when progress notes go home. We do reassessments in December and in May. 

My child is on grade level already. Are the classes just for struggling students? No, our classes are for those who want to catch up, get extra practice, or get ahead of the curve. We meet students where they are by implementing differentiated instruction. We also work with several gifted students. Students can also be given special permission by our teachers to move up classes if needed. 

Do you offer sibling discounts? No, we do not discount our quality of instruction to siblings; therefore, we do not do sibling discounts for small group classes or private sessions. This is done to help us stay in business. We do; however, offer various mini camps and one time events throughout the year that may work better for your family's budget. Scholarships are also available for select events and camps.

What is your kindergarten magnet test pass rate? 100% of the Daytime Playtime Kids who successfully completed our program were accepted in their top schools for the last two years. Although we cannot guarantee that your child will be accepted, our K Skills classes are great for magnet prep and overall kindergarten readiness. 

When should I start prepping for magnet testing? You honestly should start when they are babies. It's unfair to cram your child with a bunch of information 1 or 2 months before the test. Waiting until the last minute can be very stressful for your child and for you. Our Baby & Me and PreK Prep classes for babies up to children who are 3 years old are perfect for building a solid academic foundation. 

I want to enroll my child in a K Skills Class. Why is an assessment required? An assessment is used to see what skills your child already knows how to do and what areas your child needs help in. If we don't know where we are starting, it's hard to measure progress. Also, some children will be ahead, and we want to be able to challenge them. After the assessment, Mrs. Shannon will also provide your with a consultation and give you actionable steps to use with your child as soon as you leave the center. Book your child's assessment today by clicking the link. 

Do you prep for magnet for other grades besides kindergarten? No, but we can do assessments and coaching for current kindergarten students who are testing for 1st grade. Our reading classes are also great for sharping students' literacy skills before they test.

Can you tutor my child privately? Yes, we love working 1-on-1 with students and their families; however, there is a VERY limited number of private sessions available due to our small group schedule. Private sessions are $300 prepaid for a bundle of 4 of our 30 minute sessions. They must be completed within 4 weeks. 

Do you teach math? The short answer is no. We only teach number concepts and beginning math skills in our K Skills classes such as if you have 5 toys and you give 3 toys away how many toys do you have left?

When will my child learn how to read? It varies. We have taught children as young as age 3 how to read. It depends on the child, their attendance/participation, and the parents' carryover of practice activities at home. 

When will I be charged? Our weekly classes are a monthly reoccurring charge. Tuition is automatically drafted using your card on file in our Parent Portal on the 1st of the month. 

Is there a contract? No, you can cancel at any time by emailing us at You must cancel by the 24th of the month to not be charged for the following month and to allow us time to fill your child's spot. Ex. Cancel by March 24th to not get charged for April and beyond. 

Can I sit out a month and come back? You are welcome to cancel at any time; however, if you come back, there might not be any spots. You might be placed on a waiting list and you will be subject to another registration fee. If your schedule has changed, we can transfer your child to another class if there is a spot available. 

Why are your rates so high? There is a quote that says, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." Once you make the investment while your children are young, you will be able to spend less time and money on tutoring and homework in their later years. The bittersweet thing about DTPT is that your child will not need to come here forever. Many students get the skills they need to very successful in school in just a few months. 


We also keep our classes small! Our K-Skills and reading classes typically only have 2-3 students, so your child gets the attention he or she needs. Daytime Playtime was founded by certified teacher and speech-language pathologist Shannon Ali, M.A., CCC-SLP. We have speech-language pathologists and teachers on our team who have helped numerous children build a solid foundation for learning. WE ARE THE EXPERTS! We are able to teach children in a few classes what it takes them a whole school year to learn in a traditional school setting. We do that by using our special strategies, parent coaching, and our at home videos.

Why aren't your classes longer? Don't they need at least an hour long lesson a week? Super long lessons are definitely not necessary for the ages we teach! We are able to pack in tons of learning in a smaller amount of time. Frequency, quality and intensity  usually matter more than the length of classes/sessions, so parents are encouraged to sign up for multiple classes a week as it fits your schedule. 

My child will have to miss a class. Will we get a refund/makeup class? No. We have found that it is really disruptive for other students for children to make-up classes in other classes. We provide resources in our Parent Portal for you to use with your child between classes or if you happen to miss. We also encourage you to sign up for classes at least 2x week if possible because if your child misses their 1x/week lesson for the week, it'll be another 14 days until their next in person lesson. 


How is student progress reported? We know how important data is. Your child will be rescreened, and he/she will receive a progress report at the end of every other month. Their number of attended classes will also be listed. Attendance and carryover at home are key to your child making faster progress. 

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