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Speech & Language 

Speech Services


Parent Education Trainings 

We teach you tips to treat common articulation and phonological processing disorders, so your child can communicate clearly.

Common Signs & Symptoms:

Substituting sounds for other sounds such as saying "tat" for "cat"

Leaving off sounds in blends such as saying "poon" for "spoon"

Leaving off ending sounds of words such as saying "cu" for "cup"

Speech Sound Errors

Unfamiliar listeners have difficulty understanding your child

History of ear infections 

History of hearing loss

Family history of speech disorders

Language Services

We treat receptive (difficulty understanding language) and expressive language (delay of using words or talking at an age appropriate level), so your child can communicate freely without frustration in his/her environment. 

Common Signs & Symptoms:

Not using words by 18 months

Not using gestures such as pointing or waving

Inappropriate play

Difficulty answering WH or yes/no questions appropriately 

Doesn't participate in turn-taking games

Not using 2-3 word phrases by age 2

History of ear infections 

History of hearing loss

Family history of language disorders

Baby & ME Classes

Our special classes are designed so that you and your child (6 months-3 years) will have fun together in an educational and stimulating environment. The classes give your child the opportunity to socialize with peers and allow you the opportunity to share & grow with other parents/caregivers for the first 10 minutes of class. Classes include songs, movement, sensory play, fine motor play, speech tips, parachute time, bubbles, & story time. They are an awesome complement to children receiving speech therapy services.

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Let's Work Together!

Contact us today for a FREE phone consultation to determine if your child could benefit from our personalized speech-language therapy services. We want to partner with you to help your child!

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